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3D Modeling & Animation:

Evil Places of Sandria (2005)

I joined an online game production team as a 3D artist. We were working on a MMORPG game called Evil Places of Sandria. Below are preview images of some low-poly crockery and food objects and others. I did the models using Maya and the textures using Photoshop.

Second Secondary Physics Project Presentation (2005)

We had a school physics project about water ripples and the patterns they form. I took charge of the presentation and did it entirely in 3D using Maya (modelling, animation, dynamics, etc...) and a bit of Flash (even the team members' heads are in 3D ;). It took two months to complete. (All textures were done on Photoshop). Below are some preview images.

Personal Stuff

A short 3D animation of a fish outsmarting a fishing hook.

A 3D animation of dominoes forming the word "loubnan" meaning "Lebanon" in Arabic.

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